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No more missed de||

HomeValet revolutionizes package delivery for consumer, retailers, and couriers. More convenient, less expensive, and delightful to use.

Change your Home Delivery Experience.

Your home now has a white-gloved, automated delivery doorman.

Easy Returns

Just place your return package in your HomeValet Box. No dropping off at UPS, Post Office or Fedex.

No Stolen Packages

Packages are safe in your locked HomeValet Box. Out of sight of porch pirates.

No Signature Required

Alcohol, prescriptions, and valuables can simply be delivered in your HomeValet Box.

No Strangers in Your Home

HomeValet does not require entry to your home, like some others.


HomeValet insures every delivery to your HomeValet Box, so even if something happens, it's covered.

Perishable food delivery

Available climate control keeps perishable food from spoiling.

Enables home delivery possibilities no other solution can offer

Every package is tracked from point-of-sale to your locked HomeValet Box outside your home. Every retailer. Every courier. All your packages are safe and secure.

HomeValet’s phone app displays shipping updates from every Delivery partner and every Retail partner. Text notifications. Photos of the delivery. Tamper warnings. Monitor temperature inside the box.

Why couriers love it...

HomeValet enables courier companies to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and deliver more...

Reduce Reattempts

Deliver on the first attempt. Every time.

Reduce Liability

Proof of delivery to a locked box virtually eliminates damage and theft.

Eliminate Signatures

No need for a live signature. Parents can lock children out of the box to protect alcohol and prescription drug deliveries.

Flexible Scheduling

Deliver when is right for your delivery schedule, not when the consumer is home.

Why retailers love it...

Sales to security-conscious consumers is increased, delivery transparency is improved, and customer loyalty is nurtured.

Encourage Brand Loyalty

Customers trust brands that provide a frictionless customer experience.

Reduce Liability

Package theft is no longer a cost of doing business.

Reduce Package Damage Cost

Package damage due to weather and pests is eliminated.

Increase sales and revenue

Worry-free delivery and easy returns increases sales.


You have questions? We have a few answers for you.

Ok cool, but is it secure?

Absolutely! All site communication and data transfer is encrypted and secured. Access keys for entry to your HomeValet box are one time use and issued per delivery. Couriers do not have master keys!

What retailers and couriers do you work with?

We’re talking to them now! Let them know you want them to be a HomeValet Partner. Send them a message!

How do couriers get into the HomeValet box?

What retailers and couriers do you work with? HomeValet communicates directly with delivery services existing systems to allow access to a HomeValet box at the time of delivery. This can happen automatically by the courier interacting with their existing handheld devices.

Finally, a solution that makes sense! Sign me up!

Hold on there, future customer. You will soon be able to sign up for HomeValet, but right now we're just getting our start-up off the ground. You can help us my spreading the word about HomeValet on social media. Tweet about us and post about us on Facebook. The more people who know about HomeValet, the sooner we will be able to Sign You Up!