Consumer needs have transformed overnight, and are here to stay

As the world grapples with the spread of COVID-19 and all that it entails, e-commerce sales of groceries, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and other replenishment items has soared. These seismic and near overnight shifts in shopping trends are likely to become firmly embedded in daily lives of consumers across every industry. Disinfection and cold-chain compliance are critical to the proper function of the American supply chain and to restore the prosperity of consumer markets, and to put Americans back to work. Here’s a look at some of the key industry insights:

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Business Insider, 4/16/20:
Online Grocery Shopping Report 2020: Market stats and delivery trends for ecommerce groceries

HomeValet enables contactless, unattended, and disinfected delivery 24/7 of frozen, refrigerated, and pantry items. The solution is perfectly designed to address evolving consumer needs, now, and as these trends continue to evolve. Connecting online retailers and couriers via a SaaS platform with a temperature-controlled Smart Box outside of consumers’ homes. HomeValet’s patent-protected SaaS solution will radically enhance consumers’ health and wellbeing through contactless home delivery of needed items. 

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The New York Times, 4/18:
Coronavirus in America, The Year Ahead

The coronavirus pandemic awakened Americans to the hidden threat of infection by social contact in school, in the workplace, in the grocery store or mall, and even at home. “Social distancing” and “contactless delivery” may forever be a part of the American lexicon. The safety and security of any goods purchased online delivered to the porch of American homes is a concern of consumers, even under normal circumstances. That is particularly true of groceries requiring refrigeration. In the midst of a pandemic, consumers are rightly concerned with deadly pathogens carried into the home on the packaging of online purchases. HomeValet is the cold-chain compliant home portal for contactless receipt and disinfection of the surfaces of packages and groceries delivered to consumer homes. HomeValet’s supply chain solution relieves consumer anxiety and accommodates consumers’ new online shopping behavior.

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E27, 4/17:
Can contactless delivery close the social distancing gap?

All HomeValet deliveries are made directly into the HomeValet-powered Smart Box, enabling contactless, automated, 24/7 delivery. Groceries, prescriptions, alcohol, and valuables delivered seamlessly without live signature. HomeValet is a consumer-focused SaaS IoT platform facilitating the delivery of online purchases to a smart box (appliance) outside the home monitored and managed by the consumer. Consumers can shop and receive unattended delivery of packages with peace of mind knowing their parcels, groceries (frozen and refrigerated), and prepared meals are fresh, secure, and disinfected.

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GeekWire, 4/16:
Can grocery delivery cuts carbon emissions by 43% compared to traditional shopping?

HomeValet dramatically reduces the carbon footprint in the delivery supply chain. Our solution means less packaging required, reducing paper and plastic waste. We enable more packages per delivery truck load, fewer vehicles required for same delivery capacity, more efficient delivery routing, less food waste from spoilage, and state-of-the-art, energy efficient, refrigerant technology.

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Yahoo News, 4/14:
How UV light may protect us from the coronavirus

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms, including COVID-19, by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. UVGI is used in a variety of applications, such as food, air, and water purification. UV-C light is strong enough to create inhospitable environments to microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds and other pathogens. In the HomeValet Smart Box, UV-C LED is activated for a period of time following the closure of the box after each delivery to disinfect exposed package surfaces. Upon removal of all items from the smart box and closure, UV-C LED is activated to disinfect the exposed surfaces of the box enclosure.

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