Contactless, Unattended, Disinfected Home Delivery

HomeValet enables contactless, unattended, and disinfected delivery 24/7 of frozen, refrigerated, and pantry items. Connecting online retailers and couriers via a SaaS platform with a temperature-controlled Smart Box outside of consumers’ homes:

Our mission is to empower consumers to monitor, manage, and control the unattended, contactless delivery and receipt of online purchases. HomeValet allows consumers to take charge of their unattended delivery experience, to preserve the freshness of refrigerated and frozen goods, and to protect their families from pathogens. HomeValet is the cold-chain compliant home portal for contactless receipt and disinfection of the surfaces of packages and groceries delivered to consumer homes. HomeValet’s supply chain solution relieves consumer anxiety and accommodates consumers’ new online shopping behavior. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce sales of groceries, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and other replenishment items has soared because of social distancing. This new shopping pattern is likely to become firmly embedded in daily lives of consumers. Disinfection and cold-chain compliance are critical to the proper function of the American supply chain and to restore the prosperity of consumer markets, and to put Americans back to work.

Delivery Safety
Contactless Delivery
All deliveries made directly into the HomeValet-powered Smart Box, enabling contactless, automated, 24/7 delivery. Groceries, prescriptions, alcohol, and valuables delivered seamlessly without live signature. Automatic age and identity verification through the platform. 
Disinfect Deliveries with UV-C Light
The HomeValet-powered Smart Box is equipped to disinfect exposed surfaces of all deliveries, as well as the Smart Box interior, through UV-C light emission, known to effectively break down and deactivate pathogens. Safe, reliable delivery.
Equipped to receive and store frozen and perishable items. Temperatures adjust automatically with grocery and other perishable deliveries. Cold-Chain Compliance assures temperature of a product are maintained within a specified range throughout the supply chain from production to consumption.
At-Risk Populations

Serving those who need it most
Under normal circumstances, tens of millions of Americans are essentially homebound, including the elderly, disabled, and immuno-compromised. These populations live disconnected from the supply chain. HomeValet offers contactless, disinfected delivery to the most vulnerable.

Reignite Our Economy

E-Commerce Expansion
Retailers and consumers benefit from better customer experience, lower churn, more frequent orders, higher cart value, greater LTV, expanded product categories, lower cost of customer service complaints/problem solving, and dramatically lower replacement costs

Environmental Benefits

Lower Carbon Footprint
Our solution means less packaging required, reducing paper and plastic waste. We enable more packages per delivery truck load, fewer vehicles required for same delivery capacity, more efficient delivery routing, less food waste from spoilage, and state-of-the-art, energy efficient, refrigerant technology.

The Platform & App
SaaS Home Delivery Platform
∙ SaaS Software Platform
 API Integration with Retailers & Couriers
 Track Every Online Purchase
 Photo Confirmation of Delivery
 Groceries, Pharmaceuticals & Alcoholic Beverages
State-of-the-Art Delivery Smart Box
∙ Consumer Owned, Consumer Centric
∙ UV-C Light Disinfects Deliveries
∙ Secure, Safe, Durable
∙ Cold-Chain Compliant For Perishables
∙ Contactless Delivery
∙ Multiple Configurations