Freedom. Convenience. Peace of Mind.

HomeValet enables contactless, unattended, and disinfected delivery 24/7 of frozen, refrigerated, and pantry items. Connecting online retailers and couriers with a temperature-controlled Smart Box outside of consumers’ homes. Delivery to fit your life, not the other way around.

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Sign Up With HomeValet
Order your very own, temperature controlled HomeValet-Powered Smart Box. Download the app, and begin.
Shop Away
Go ahead and shop. At checkout, your favorite online store registers you as a HomeValet shopper.
Monitor Deliveries
Track your deliveries. From checkout right to your
HomeValet-Powered Smart Box
Adjust Temperatures
For grocery deliveries, Smart Box temperature settings adjust automatically, no sweat. You can also change modes from the app.
Delivered Right To Your Smart Box
No extra steps for your courier. They arrive, your Smart Box opens, and in goes your delivery.
Collect When Ready
Retrieve your safe and secured packages when it’s good for you. Take your time, groceries are disinfected and kept fresh in your Smart Box.
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Contactless Delivery
All deliveries made directly into the HomeValet-powered Smart Box, enabling contactless, automated, 24/7 delivery. Groceries, prescriptions, alcohol, and valuables delivered seamlessly without live signature. Automatic age and identity verification through the platform. 
Disinfect Deliveries with UV-C Light
The HomeValet-powered Smart Box is equipped to disinfect exposed surfaces of all deliveries, as well as the Smart Box interior, through UV-C light emission, known to effectively break down and deactivate pathogens. Safe, reliable delivery.
Equipped to receive and store frozen and perishable items. Temperatures adjust automatically with grocery and other perishable deliveries. Cold-Chain Compliance assures temperature of a product are maintained within a specified range throughout the supply chain from production to consumption.
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