Home package delivery just got a whole lot smarter.
Safe, smart delivery of everything you want to buy online.

Wherever You Want,
Whatever You Want

HomeValet connects online retailers with a temperature-controlled, automated Smart Box just outside your home. At checkout, your favorite online store registers you as a HomeValet shopper. Just shop, track through the app, and collect from your HomeValet-powered Smart Box when it’s convenient for you. Contactless, automated, 24/7 delivery.

Easy Delivery

No extra steps for your courier. They arrive, your Smart Box opens, and your packages are delivered. One seamless, contactless, automated delivery system.

Groceries, Delivered

Smart Box temperature settings adjust automatically for grocery deliveries. Enables large grocery orders of frozen goods, perishables and pantry items. Never hesitate to shop online for groceries again. Add recurring automated deliveries with ease.

Disinfect Deliveries

Helping to protect you and your loved ones with safe, reliable delivery of everything you want to buy online. Your HomeValet-powered Smart Box is equipped to with UV-C light technology, known to effectively breakdown and deactivate pathogens, to aid in the disinfection of exposed surfaces of all deliveries. It will also help keep your Smart Box clean in between deliveries.

Safe & Secure

Completely contactless delivery, with UV light parcel disinfectant capabilities. Protect your deliveries from pesky porch pirates, and the elements. No more stolen packages, no more damaged boxes.

At Your Fingertips

Track and monitor all deliveries, unlock your Smart Box, adjust temperature settings for grocery delivery. All from the app.

Delivery To Fit Your Life

Your courier delivers all packages right to your secured Smart Box just outside your door. Just collect when you’re ready. No more missed deliveries and no more strangers at the door or inside your home. Contactless, automated, 24/7 delivery.

Eliminate In-Person Signatures

Contactless, automated, 24/7 delivery. Alcohol, prescriptions, and valuables delivered seamlessly to your Smart Box. Automatic age and identity verification with each delivery.